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Nature Pilgrimage Path in Nuuksio Natural Park

This is a short path of only 2 km in the beautiful Natural Park of Nuuksio, which is one of Finland’s 41 national parks. The starting and finishing point is at the Nature Center Haltia in Espoo.

The pilgrimage is based on a Christian worldview but aims to serve pilgrims from any background. The written contents of the route will help you still your mind, both during the short pilgrimage and after it in your day-to-day life. Making a spiritual journey asks for a certain attitude, a kind of holy playfulness. If you give the texts and meditations along the path a chance, if you choose to play with them, you may find new points of contact between yourself and the world.

You will find the Nuuksio Pilgrimage Path on the Citynomadi website, or by downloading the free app Nomadi on your mobile phone and searching “Nature Pilgrimage Path”.

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