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Pilgrimage routes in Tampere

In the city of Tampere, you will find several short (under 5 km) pilgrimage routes, and one long pilgrimage along the biking trail around Pyhäjärvi. The Tampere pilgrimage routes have been created by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tampere and other members of the pilgrimage network in the area. All of these routes are available on the web at Citynomadi or on the Nomadi app which you can download for free on your phone.

The Bike Pilgrimage Around Lake Pyhäjärvi

This route of 87 km will lead you to the Laukko manor house and back. The pilgrimage introduces interesting sites and details such as natural sites, cemeteries, old churches, and church art.

The Little Pilgrimage in the Churchyard of Pyynikki

This short pilgrimage of just 0,7 km will lead you around the churchyard of Pyynikki, which is the oldest cemetery in the city of Tampere. While you walk in silence, you can reflect on the different stages of your life and learn some facts about the history of Tampere as well.

The blessing of the Shade – a Pilgrimage from Pyynikki to Pispala

On this pilgrimage of 4,5 km, you will walk through urban and natural landscapes from Aleksanteri church to Pispala church. The path leads over the beautiful Pyynikki esker, which rises over 150 m over sea level. Perhaps you would like to take a break at the observation tower´s café which is famous for its doghnuts.

The Current of My Life – Tammerkoski pilgrimage

Tammerkoski is a channel of rapids between the lakes of Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi in Tampere. In this landscape of one of the oldest industrial areas of Finland, you are invited to slow down your pace, open your senses, and watch the currents of the water and of your inner journey. The length of the pilgrimage is 4,3 km.

The Roots and Wings of Your Life – A Pilgrimage from Härmälä to Viinikka

This pilgrimage of 5,7 km will lead you from Härmälä church to Viinikkala church along the shores of lake Pyhäjärvi and through a lovely arboretum.

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