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St. Olav Waterway

St. Olav Waterway is a pilgrimage route in the most beautiful archipelago of the world. It will lead you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland through the Finnish archipelago, all the way to Åland, the islands of peace.

From Åland, you can continue your journey to Sweden, where St. Olav Waterway connects to Olavsleden, the network of Nordic Pilgrimage routes that lead through Sweden to Trondheim in Norway. St. Olav Waterway is a certifies Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

There are several ways to experience St. Olav Waterway. You can hike, bike, or even sail or kayak part of the way. Another option is to choose public bus transportation for part of your journey. Transportation on public passenger ferries from island to island will allow you to rest in between the more physical parts of your journey. You can either plan the entire trip yourself with the help of digital maps or consider a ready-planned self-guided package or group tour.

There is a pilgrim passport available for St. Olav Waterway. You can either pick one up for free at Turku Cathedral or purchase one online. The passport is in three languages. You can request a stamp for your passport from churches or from different service providers along the way. For the route between Turku and Korpo, there is a special pilgrim passport for kids.

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