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Pilgrimage in Finland

An Immersive Journey

A pilgrimage is an ancient but also a living tradition, which transforms with the times. People have always been drawn to places that are considered sacred. A pilgrimage often has a set destination, but it can also be entirely focused on the process of moving through a landscape. It is a physical journey with an inner purpose experienced on the terms of the individual. It is an immersive journey: a journey of the body, mind, and spirit. It combines movement with stillness, cultural history with nature, quietness with sharing.

A Retreat on the Move

Finland is famous for its spaciousness and tranquility, and therefore the perfect setting for a contemplative journey. In Finland, quietness is in our nature, and we love wandering in the woods or by waters. Recent studies show that a significant amount of the population considers nature to be sacred. Nature is our sanctuary, a natural setting for spirituality. Despite our quiet mindset, we value meaningful conversations and genuine encounters.

Pilgrimage, as a means of slow travel, is an alternative way to get a feel for Finland, the spirit of its landscapes and culture. At the same time, it is an opportunity to reflect on your unique inner journey, whatever your background may be.

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